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Game of thrones season 7 episode 5 script : Jon Snow pets Drogon on the head... [ Contains Spoilers ]

Here's the script for episode 5:

[ These are translations from FD(Freaky Doctor)'s videos on Youtube ]

  • This is a summary NOT verbatim. There is no new relevant info from what I could understand other than scene order (and maybe "Sansa vs the Northern Lords"). Make of it what u wish, feel free to hate, preferably add or correct if that is the case. Though I think I'm doing OK, I'm not a native Spanish speaker (nor English). I'm using Friki's videos to practice my Spanish.
  • Ep.5 starts w/ the aftermath of Field of Fire 2.0 Bronn is scolding Jaime "what were u think"; Jamie is troubled (how is he going to tell Cersei about this overwhelming defeat).
  • Next Tarlys' "trial" - Dany rounds up the prisoners while the Dothraki pillage whatever they can. Dany tells the Tarleys to bend the knee, they both refuse( Randyll shouts Cersei is my queen). Then FD rants about Dickon ("know by some as Rickon" wink wink) being born stupid. Dany "barbeques" both Tarlys while Tyron watches in dismay. Then FD explains why he thinks both Tarlys made an "absurd" choice. After Dany's pyrotechnics "trial" the rest of the Lannister soldiers & the leaders of the smaller houses bend the knee.
  • In Dragonstone - epic scene where Dany lands & Jon pets Drogon (Dany obviously taken aback but ponders whether he might be special). She gets of Drogon, begins to tell Jon how the dragons are her babies not savage beasts, "she a proud mama" etc ... then TADAA! here comes grayscale free Jorah only to find ... "friend zone" again. Dany happy to see him "u found the cure", Jorah scrutinizing Jon (-who's this? -he new KotN.). FD mentions Jon's relationship w/ Jeor and Ned "hunting" Jorah but never catching him, and both Jon & Jorah having "daddy issues", and being both Northerners ... and they end up being good friends.
  • Next we see a flock of ravens warged by Bran (not one but all of them). Why does Bran need ravens? RAVENS=LETTERS. Bran knows that the WW are close so he needs ravens to send warning letters to everybody.
  • Jon receives a letter f. WF which says that Bran & Arya are back at home + WARNING: the NK is coming! This will trigger a crisis: they have to get proof to make everybody come together.
  • Tyrion & Varys worry over Dany (what if she's crazy like her father, there was no need for such cruelty, what are u going to do etc)
  • Team Dragonstone agrees they have to convince Cersei to unite to fight together, putting aside their differences for the time being. But they know Cersei is stubborn like a mule so they decide to approach Jamie. So the plan is for Davos (who has previous experience) to smuggle Tyrion (who has a connection w/ Jaime) into KL. There they contact Bronn & arrange to trick Jamie into meeting.
  • (FD reminds us that Tyrion killed Tywin, but now Jaime (& Cersei) know that Tyrion was wrongly accused - Olen was responsible for Joffrey's death. FD also lets us know that he thinks Tyrion is a Targ)
  • While Tyrion meets w/ Jamie, Davos finds Gendry in the smithy. Gendry, sick of forging swards for the Lannister is happy to join Davos's cause. Gendry forged for himself an impressive war hammer w/ the Baratheon symbol engraved on it. (FD makes a joke about Gendry being Azor Ahai)
  • Next Davos & Gendry go meet Tyron on the beach but they are stopped by 2 Gold Cloaks. Davos tries to smooth talk his way out of the situation (he & Gendry are "fishermen", bribes the guards w/ "aphrodisiac crabs") while Tyrion the most known dwarf in the 7 Kingdoms is trying to pass the guards unobserved. Gendry ends up knocking off the GC w/ his war hammer.
  • Jamie has to tell Cersei that he met Tyrion. She's not gonna be happy about it (even if she knows Tyron is not responsible for Joffrey's death.). Jamie will plead "entrapment" (he was set up by Bronn). Poor Bronn will find himself unexpectedly guilty.
  • Tyrion, Davos, Gendry return to Dragonstone where u have "the meeting of the bastards". Gendry meets Jon; they bond over memories of their respective fathers (Jon met Robert, Gendry met Ned). Next Tyron "reunites" w/ Jorah. Since the Lannister twins don't believe the threat is real they have to get a irrefutable proof which will unite everyone in the war against the WW. So they organize the "Wall Expedition" consisting of: Jon, Davos, Gendry & Jorah. Jon & Dany say their goodbyes which will marc the beginning of "Jonerys" ("if I don't return u won't have to worry about the KofN anymore ... I've gotten used to him").
  • Off they go by boat to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea where they meet Tormund who has captured the BwB. The atmosphere is tensed due to "pending grudges": Gendry vs BwB, Jorah vs the wildlings (via Jeor's struggles w/ the wildlings), Jon vs the Hound (him being Sansa's guard dog) - a lot of resentment between ppl that have to unite. Beric says the Lord of Light's word my prevail. Jon will free the BwB if they join him. We got ourselves a posse ready to go wight hunting.
  • At Winterfell Sansa is in charge, "chaos is a ladder", here comes LF w/ his ally Yohn Royce trying to take advantage of the situation. The Northern lords keep asking "where is the KofN", Sansa "he'll be back, pay attention to me, I'm in charge now", and they "no, we want our KotN Jon".
  • I couldn't find (I'm not saying that it isn't) a specific scene like this on Chili's blog, if some wants to double-check the translation for this part pls, the vid starts here: reddit!
  • Arya realizes that Sansa has the tendency to take charge despite Jon being the true KofN thus conflict among sisters ensues. Arys & Sansa argue (probably in Sansa's room/Ned & Cat former bedroom). Arya believes Sansa wants the power for herself (and that she doesn't like Jon so much after all).
  • Arya is strongly distrusts LF (FD mentions Arya's time in Harrenhal when she witnessed the meeting between Tywin & LF, LF= Tywin's middleman) and she starts spying on him. LF, shrewd as usual, arranges a trap for Arya using Sansa's letter to Rob. Knowing that she's watching him, LF "hides" the letter under the mattress. Arya sneaks in, finds & reads the letter while LF is sneakily watching her.
  • In Oldtown Sam has had enough. Bran's warning letter reached Oldtown but NOBODY there cares about Sam & his walking dead.
  • While practicing reading, Gilly uses High Septon Maynard's journal which describes the annulment of R's 1st marriage & the new marriage to Liana Stark, in a clearing in Dorn (she struggles w/ Raegar's name, and Sam, preoccupied his things, doesn't pay much attention to her).
  • Sam + Gilly + baby Sam + Heartsbane + the best books Sam could steal take the cart express to Winterfell.
  • End of ep5. FD believes that Sam has the secret to making Valyrian steel and some other things he may have read in the "forbidden zone" - details we will not find out this season.


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