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Game of thrones season 7 episode 7 script : Dany and Jon do it... [ Contains Spoilers ]

Here's the script for episode 6:

[ These are translations from FD(Freaky Doctor)'s videos on Youtube ]

Content may or may not be 100% accurate, I’m just translating what Friki has posted. Please note that this translation may contain some errors (not every word translates from Spanish to English perfectly) and if you see these errors please feel free to correct me.

The last episode is the longest episode of the season and the longest episode of the entire series so far clocking in at 81 mins according to IMDB

Friki starts his video with explaining he did a livestream for episode 7 because he is on vacation and can’t dedicate himself to edit a video while on vacation (valid reason)

We start in Kings Landing, where we are in the dragon pit where not everyone who was in the north is present. Friki says Dany will bring the unsullied and Dothraki incase that Cersei has a trap for her and places her armies outside Kings landings doors ready in case of a trap. Jamie and Bronn oversee KL’s defenses, they see all of Dany’s armies outside KL doors and admire it. Tyrion and the other arrive at KL via ship where friki says Jon asks how many people live in KL (foreshadowing?) Once docked, Tyrion, Jon, Jorah, Dany, Davos, Theon, the Hound (who is the one with the Wight in a cage) as well as Dany’s Dothraki blood riders are awaited by Bronn when they arrive (Friki also mentions that Brienne has already arrived) Brienne and the Hound see each other and Brienne is amazed that the hound is somehow alive…. they talk about Arya…one of the things said is when The Hound asks her if she shouldn't be taking care of Arya, and Brienne replies that 'The only person needing protecting is the one who gets in her (Arya's) way' and this makes The Hound smile, and say that he doesn't plan to be the one to do that." (via ) (Brienne knows Arya is a great fighter after they spar in Winterfell earlier this season) …. Another reunion is Tyrion and Pod, Podrick still admires Tyrion and loves him and even says that to him Tyrion is still his lord… when they arrive at the dragon pit which friki says is a giant amphitheater and in this amphitheater are three large tents, where the major authorities will sit (Cersei, Jon, Euron etc.) at this time Friki says everyone starts to arrive(doesn’t say who everyone actually is(people, soldiers or other lords)) which Tyrion feels like it could be a trap and looks around… Cersei arrives with Euron, the mountain (Friki says no Clegane bowl this episode but that they do see each other and that the hound gives him the “one day I will finish you off” (fuuuuuuuhhh) but that’s all that happens between them this season) and Qyburn and they sit. The hound brings the cage that houses the Wight to the middle of the amphitheater, this is when Cersei asks Tyrion where Dany is (Dany isn’t present at this time with the rest of the gang) which is when Dany arrives on top of Drogon and with Rhaegal (R.I.P Viserion) which everyone is amazed, even Cersei and Euron. But then Cersei wonders where the third dragon is, but the person most amazed is Euron by Drogon’s arrival. Tyrion then explains what this reunion is about (friki side notes another reunion is between Theon and Euron which is when Euron challenges Theon is he’s ever going to do anything, if he plans on ever rescuing Yara, he says he will touch on it later) Jon then tries to explain that the great other is real and that they need to unite to come out victorious to which Cersei calls BULLLLSHIIITTT on…. But then The hound opens the Wight’s cage and the Wight comes out like a wild beast towards Cersei but the hound has him chained up and isn’t able to reach her… Cersei is amazed and afraid, this is when the hound starts to demonstrate how a Wight cannot be killed by just chopping it up bits by bits since it continues to moves even when the hound cuts it up, but then Jon yells out that there are only 2 ways to kill a Wight, the first fire, so they set fire to one of the wights arms and the arm stops moving and the Wight finally displays pain… and the second is dragon glass to which Jon uses to stab the Wight and the Wight dies (Friki doesn’t say if the Wight shatters like WW or if they just drop dead) this is the proof that everyone needed to come together in order to survive the long night. This is when Jon Snow’s trailer speech about the long night is coming…. Euron pretends to be afraid (whether we learn of his deception right away is not mentioned but most likely not since friki mentions something about this later) Euron asks how many of these creatures are there to which Jon’s says hundreds of thousands then Euron ask “well can they swim?” and Jon responds “no” so Euron says “well I’m going back to Pyke and leaves and everyone else can pretty much go fuck themselves… Cersei and Dany see the danger together but Cersei says once the long night is over she must still be queen and offers JS to be the warden of the north but Jon then swears an oath to Dany in front of everyone but doesn't literally bend the knee and says ‘he can only serve one queen and that queen is Daenerys Targaryen” Cersei is surprised that a “northern savage” has said this… and for the second time Jon has bent the knee and his queen is Dany… after this Cersei is pissed, leaves and is unwilling to collaborate because she is unwilling to bend the knee to Dany… Brienne tries to convince Jamie to change Cersei’s mind, Jamie says he admires her loyalty to the starks which is when Brienne say “fuck loyalty… it’s about survival… Jamie has seen all this and believes in the long night and will do his best…. Now that Tyrion, Dany and Jon have seen Cersei’s negative response it means they won’t have some of the southern armies as support in the north…. Tyrion heads to the red keep with the mountain behind him… Tyrion and Cersei have a conversation on how she blames him for all the Lannister’s have gone through, how he killed their mother and father blah blah blah (he doesn’t say what else Cersei blames him for) … and Tyrion says there was nothing he could do and that Tywin just wanted him dead so he had to kill him instead (umm sure?) …. Then Tyrion says if I’m so evil why don’t you order the mountain to kill me… Cersei doesn’t give a command because she’s interested in what he will say next…(Friki then says this is for all of us in the FREEFOLK subreddit asking him about Cersei’s pregnancy) he goes on to say that the leaks say she will have a miscarriage or that Qyburn diagnoses her pregnancy but that Tyrion finds out she’s pregnant when Tyrion decides drinks wine and cerci doesn’t (honestly I would honestly think I just got poisoned but to each his/her own) so he calls her out saying she doesn’t drink because she’s pregnant, cerci doesn’t admit this nor does she deny it but her facial expression say “damn I’m exposed” and that’s it regarding her pregnancy…. Tyrion then heads out with Cersei to meet the rest of the people that were in the dragon pit and Cersei tells them that after speaking to Tyrion she will send troops north to help against the WW… Tyrion and Dany talk about how Dany told Jon that she can’t have children, that the dragons are her children, Jon doesn’t care if she can’t have kids…. This is all in the dragon pit and in KL

Winterfell is next, Starting off with Sansa and Little Finger…. Friki talks about how LF has been trying to get in sansa’s head this whole season but he doesn’t give up and LF tell sansa that Arya is dangerous, that why would she chose to come back to Winterfell now, what Arya will do with the letter (try to frame sansa or something) this is LF’s plan to tear the Stark sisters apart…

Dragonstone is next and this is after they leave KL via ships (no BoatSex yet) Dany is in the war room where they are organizing the defense of the north (where will the unsullied go, the dothraki, the north men, the southerners so on and so forth) Friki goes on to say that jorah knows a lot about strategies and about the strategies of the Targaryen kings says they need a defensive strategy not a strategy used to conquer since that’s not what they’re doing (?)…. Theon and Jon speak about the Starks and The Greyjoy’s and how it used to be when they grew up together… Jon asks if he will come with them to the north which theon says no because he must rescue Yara first, Jon tells him he should and wishes him luck… Theon, now knowing Yara is alive after Euron challenges him to come get her at the Dragon pit, goes and tries to rally the remaining Iron Born left in Dragonstone to come with him to rescue Yara…. This is when the fight between the leader of those iron and theon takes place (friki says the iron born kicks him in the nuts a few times but it doesn’t do anything) the iron born leader gives theon a pretty bad ass kicking but then theon gets his shit together (after being taunted and ridiculed by the iron born) and beats him, they form a rescue party and head out to save Yara.

Back to Winterfell, a scene long coming…. Sansa gathers all the northern bannermen and the vale leaders… here when all the lords are present sansa calls on Arya to come forward which is when Arya starts to worry that this is her last day alive, sansa then says it’s time to judge the great treacheries and betrayals that have been done to the north and we will judge the person responsible for them, she looks straight at Arya, sansa then says “you need to tell me how many times you have betrayed the north”.. Arya is can’t believe her sister is saying this to her, sansa says it again “you need to tell me how many times you have betrayed the north, Lord Baelish”…. (fuuuuuuuuhh) at this moment sansa starts to name all his treacheries: “you killed Alyssa Arryn, (talks about the letter from Jon Arryn about Cersei and Jamie’s bastards which LF was also involved in his murder)” this is also when she pulls out the cat’s paw dagger and they ask him if he recognized the dagger which LF said belonged to Tyrion, but that they knew it was his…. Next to Sansa is bran who is the one that has told her all these things (one can only assume there is more) then Bran says “you once told my father ‘I told you not to trust me’ (first season)” LF is shocked when he hears this... then Sansa tells all the lords present how he sold her to the Bolton’s… LF realizes he’s pretty much fucked but he tries to LF his way out by feeding them lies and asking for help from Yohn Royce (vale guy with the oversized armor) and others and Friki says that LF ends up looking pretty pathetic now that he knows he’s pretty much dead… in the end Sansa tells LF “Lord Baelish, thank you for all your lessons” and after she tells him that Arya comes behind him and cut his throat… LF starts to choke in his own blood and falls to the ground holding his throat and dies…

Back to kings landing… Jamie and Cersei have a conversation about the upcoming war…. Jamie doesn’t know that Cersei has no intention on sending her army north and wants the WW to kill the northern armies and their allies…. Jamie is looking at a map of the north and starting to gather the Lannister armies to get ready to go north when Cersei asks him what he’s doing to which Jamie says he’s getting ready to go north with the army which Cersei say “nah they have dragons and troops, they can handle it” (Friki says she’s pulling a tywin) when she tells him that she has obtained an agreement with euron when he pretended to be a coward and said he would go back to Pyke… but instead he was going to travel to Essos to hire the golden company (doesn’t mention with what money) this is Frikis Video on the golden company… (what she plans to do with them we don’t know just yet)… this is when Jamie is disgusted by Cersei and they continue to argue to which is when we see the mountain draw his sword in case things between Jamie and Cersei get ugly (scene from the trailer) after this ordeal Jamie leaves Cersei (fucking finally) we see Jamie leaving the city and on his way out (Friki doesn’t mention whether he had the leftover Lannister army with him) he stops to fix his golden hand and looks back to the red keep which is when the first snowflakes begin to fall on KL…

Back to Winterfell…. Jon’s Origin… Bran is visited by Sam who bran recognizes, asks what he is doing there and Sam tells him he needs to see JS, Bran says he also needs to tell him a lot, Sam asks bran what he needs to tell JS, to which bran says that Jon isn’t Ned’s bastard but Lyanna’s and Rhaegar’s son and that he was born in dorne and that his name isn’t Jon Snow but Jon Sand but Sam tells bran that he is not a sand… that he has seen it in record that Raeghar had his marriage with Elia annulled and married Lyanna which shocks Bran…Sam then tells Bran that if he can see into the future and past that he should go see for himself…which Bran then does, which is the wedding between Raeghar and Lyanna in a forest (not in front of a weir wood, Friki says the same way Robb and Talisa were wed) as he sees this he realizes that Roberts rebellion was all based on a lie because Robert was pissed and said that lyanna was kidnapped (Friki doesn’t state that Robert lied on purpose to get the other lords to back him) as this flashback is happening we are switching back and forth between Raeghar with lyanna and Jon and Dany on the boat (HYPPPEEE) as the romantic scene between Raeghar and lyanna happen we see Jon and Dany’s romantic scene… Jon and Dany enter a cabin together (no words are being spoken) in which they begins to take each others clothes off and have as friki said “EL BOATSEX” (girl in the background “woooo wooo wooo”) (no specific sexual positions or how long our boy JS lasted where mentioned) Tyrion is the only one who notices that they are having BOATSEX… as the BOATSEX intensifies we see the scene where Lyanna is in the tower of joy where she tells Ned that the baby’s name is Aegon Targaryen…(friki then brings out his shirt that shows Jon’s snows picture with the word Aegon underneath it) Bran then says Aegon Targaryen is the legitimate heir to the iron throne…. After Arya and sansa finally make up and reconcile Arya tells Sansa she’s the strongest woman she has ever met and Sansa tells her that she could have never achieved the things Arya has and they make up.

Lastly is the wall, we see these events through the eyes of bran who wargs into a bunch of crows and we are brought to east watch when Tormund and beric are at… we see the army of the dead with the blizzard following them like in episode one outside the wall and Tormund and Beric are shocked as they see this when out of nowhere the Night King flies in on Viserion…. viserion does flybys attacking the wall when he then focuses on one part of the wall and starts melting it and as this happens the wall starts to break apart in a “V” shape, the wall is open to the great other and the episode ends with the NK flying through the wall on Viserion…. Friki says that the wall is breached by fire not by any mark of bran or anything.


Q: Why didn’t they burn Viserion’s body after he dies? A: He had fallen in the lake and sank. no way of burning it

Q: When will season 8 spoilers come out? A: There’s one in episode 6 (Easter egg style, he doesn’t mention it)

Q: Lady stoneheart? A: nope

Q: Who will wield the valerian steel swords? A: not sure but they will be spread out

Q: Why name Jon Aegon if he had a son named Aegon already? A: Raeghar wanted the prince that was promised to be named Aegon so he named both of his sons Aegon. (friki will elaborate about this in the future)

Q: What happened to Tormund? A: He doesn’t die, but we see him and beric running for their lives

Q: Do the nights watch die? A: no, they are at castle black… the wildlings were at east watch (doesn’t mention if they died)

Q: Do you think the dothraki archer will have dragon glassed tipped arrows? A: yes, they are some of the best archers

Q: Will more dragons die? A: At least not in this season

Q: Will we see Raeghar? A: YES! The actor looks a lot like Viserys (Dany’s brother, doesn’t name the actor)


Q: How does the Greyjoy storyline end? A: Theon gathers the remaining iron born in Dragonstone and try to save her

Q: Benjen dead? A: YUP

Q: Does Arya stay in the north? A: For now, yes

Q: Does Jamie kill/try to kill Cersei? A: no, if anything Cersei almost gets Jamie killed via the mountain

Q: Does Cersei betray Jon? A: Yes, she lies to him about the troops

Q: Does Cersei die? A: Not this season

Q: Do you think the starks will make it to the end of the show? A: Some, there must always be a stark in Winterfell

Q: Where would you place this season when compared to others? A: In third place

Q: Any dialogue before BOATSEX? A: none, Jon knocks on Dany’s door and they go at it

Q: Does Qyburn die? A: no

Q: Does bran’s mark have anything to do with the wall coming down? A: none, the wall comes down because of viserion

Q: Wouldn’t bran want to be the lord/king of Winterfell? A: no, bran makes it clear that he is the three-eyed raven and that’s it

Q: Did Raeghar know about the long night? A: yes, most did but not many believed it… Raeghar wanted one of his sons named Aegon to be the azor ahai

Q: Will syrio forel come back? A: no

Q: Will Dany die? A: no, maybe next season but it’s not known

Q: Does sansa die? A: no

Q: LF alive? A: no, he dead

Q: Will there be an election to see who will be king or queen? A: nope

Q: when will theon rescue Yara? A: Season 8

Q: Any battles in episode 7? A: no, but there is a point where you will think there is

Q: can Jon get Dany get pregnant? A: no, Dany tells Jon this episode she can’t have kids.

Q: does benjen say anything to Jon? A: no, benjen just recues him and that’s it

Q: will ghost be on season 7? A: no

Q: does Jon find out he’s a Targaryen? A: no, he’ll find out in season 8 via bran

Q: how will the Targaryen line continue if Dany can’t have kids? A: maybe Jon gets another wife? (ummm what about the starks?)

Q: Who would you rather die? Jon, Dany or Tyrion? A: Jon

Q: Who will kill the mountain? A: this season? No one, but it will be the hound

Q: Gendry and Arya reunion? A: Not this season

Q: Will theon finally redeem himself? A: in the end, yes!

Q: Who is Azor Ahai? A: after this episode? Deff Jon

Q: Who is the valonqar? A: in friki’s opinion... Tyrion or Arya

Q: Why isn’t there a battle in episode 7? A: the big set up for season 8

Q: will they re-forge ice? A: not for now, 2 swords are better than one

Q: So, Jamie isn’t the valonqar? A: he could but friki doesn’t think so.

Q: is Dany is sterile who would rule after? A: we don’t know yet

Q: will sansa re marry? A: possibly

Q: can Jon control the dragons? A: not control but Drogon like him very much, that must mean something

Q: favorite villain? A: Ramsey for sure

Q: Tyrion the king of Westeros? A: that be interesting

Q: “Chris Alex Hi to freefollk?” A: FREEFOLK

Q: What happened to euron? A: He says he’s going to pike but, he will go hire the golden company

Friki ends the stream since he’s going to dinner with the girl in the background… (DINNERSEX)

He also mentions there will be another livestream for Q&A this Sunday.

This deff took more than an hour, thank you for your patience… I love the freefolk


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