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Game of thrones season 7 episode 6 script : A Dragon dies... [ Contains Spoilers ]

Here's the script for episode 6:

[ These are translations from FD(Freaky Doctor)'s videos on Youtube ]

Content may or may not be 100% accurate, I’m just translating what Friki has posted. I know this episode has been translated already but given my fluency in Spanish and English I think I could add or improve on some things. I’ve translates things as Friki spoke, whether the scenes are in the correct order or not, I personally do not know. If I’ve made any mistakes please feel free to correct me.

The second to last episode is also the second longest episode of this season, clocking in at 71 mins according to IMDB

Frikidoctor tells what happens in the north first and then goes on to tell what happens in other parts of Westeros so if you see some time jumps during the north storyline there are scenes in between these I just don’t know which ones since he doesn’t mention it and I wanted to translate as he spoke but I find it better the way he did it, even though A LOT happens north of the wall.
The Episode starts with the excursion beyond the wall, which includes Jon, Gendry, Thoros, Beric, Jorah, Tormund, The hound and two or three other soldiers (they’re pretty much red shirts and meat for the great other) Ser Davos does stay behind because he isn’t much of a fighter (as he said when he was defending Jon’s body last season and would slow them down) the excursion continues through the north, as they travel a lot of conversations came up… this is when Jon offers Longclaw to Jorah, Jon snow says that it belongs to him since it belonged to his family but Jorah says something along the lines of “no you keep it I’m not worthy of carrying this sword, my father gave it to you for a reason” Tormund and the hound have a conversation about Brienne which the hound is amazed at how much Tormund admires and likes Brienne… Friki goes on to say how Jon and beric now have one thing in common which is being brought back by Rhollor and they discuss what it may means and what their purpose might be…. They continue north by trying to follow the vision the hound saw in the flames, finally they see the mountain shaped like an arrowhead… this is when a large blizzard starts and they hear a weird growl which they can’t seem to recognize but then one of the soldiers (the red shirt) tries to find out what it is when out of nowhere a reanimated polar bear shreds him to absolute shit, but because of the heavy blizzard no one is sure what has happened when the beast attacks Thoros (who will have a flaming sword) the beast stomps thoros and gives him a few slashes with his claws but thoros is also giving the bear a few slashes with his sword (when the hound sees the flaming swords he freezes in fear of the flames) at the end between all of them they are able to kill the beast but Thoros is badly wounded (think DiCaprio in the revenant) so beric must cauterize his wounds with his flaming sword to try to save his life. The mission must continue, though with a man down and thoros balancing between life and death things look dire… this is when they realize that the reanimated polar bear means that the white walkers are not far and they must hurry but know they cannot avoid them… they run into a hoard of wights and one white walker (one that looks like the one Jon killed previously… but they all look the same so idk why he says this lol) here is when Jon battles his second walker one on one
and as Jon battles him the others try to capture a Wight but it’s hard as the other wights also attack at the same time but at last they finally capture one and either put it in chains or gag him/her to try to immobilize it, at this point the Wight army attacks all at once without mercy, when our group of heroes see this the only thing they can do is run
(Friki never mentions if Jon is able to defeat the WW or if he just sees the wights rushing and decides to cut and run with the others) the group then decides they must split (for a little bit) as they run to raise the chances of survival, Jon then commands Gendry to run back to eastwatch and send a raven to Dany to come and rescue them (the leaks say it’s after the bear attack but Friki is putting it after the first fight against the great other) after they run for a while they come together 
in the middle of a frozen lake and all the movement and fighting eventually breaks up parts of the ice and our group of heroes are stuck in the middle of the lake on a large piece of ice that floats above the other smaller pieces of ice they then make a circle and get ready for the incoming hoard  but the hoard doesn’t come so they have to wait and wait till they attack (Friki says the hoard must wait till the night so that the cold can freeze the lake again so the wights can attack) while this happens Gendry is running towards eastwatch (new Gendry rowing meme?) to send a raven… but much time has passed and our wounded red priest succumbs to his injuries and dies (Beric has no one to revive him now if he dies, and with Melisandre now gone there are no red priest left in Westeros, that we know of) Beric then with his flaming sword burns him to avoid him coming back as a Wight….(Friki then theorizes that if the Night King is killed the wights should theoretically all die, just a theory no one in the show mentions it at least for now) Friki also says that during this time of waiting the night king lurks around and from afar stares at Jon and Jon stares back without fear (fuuuuuhhhhh)…. Now that the lake has refrozen the hoard rushes at Jon and the others


at this time hell freezes over (couldn’t help myself with that pun) and everyone starts kicking ass, Tormund is almost overrun even though he is the most bad ass in this scene


but he is saved by his fellow companions, during this time some are fighting alone other are fighting together it’s chaos and not looking good when all the sudden we hear the famous dragon roars of Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal….. Dany has come to save the day but she must first help fight back the Wight and find a place to land that wouldn’t cause the ice to break and her dragons or Jon and co. to drown…. As everyone starts getting on Drogon and Rhaegal as Viserion provides aerial support, Jon stays back fighting Wights on his own to let the others board the dragons and pretty much says “well here I am”
like a challenge for the wights to come at him and not at his friends (this guy does not fookin kneel)… BUT the night king is not about to take this L so he take a lance/spear made out of crystal ice and Hail Marys’ it at Viserion’s neck who is flying overhead and with one throw brings him down (fuuuhhhh!!!!) as I mentioned before this fight is over a lake and when he falls he falls on the ice breaking it and sinking under the water (if the spear/lance didn’t kill him the fall or the water sure did) as this happens Jon hurries to get on top of Drogon BUT falls when Drogon takes off and sinks under the lake as well and when Dany sees that Jon is pretty a goner she leaves with the survivors that believe it or not were able to keep the captured Wight with then and alive (or undead? Idk point is he/she is still moving) … after all this a wounded Jon swims back to the surface but he’s pretty much fucked anyway because the whole undead army is there surrounding him but that’s when your boy Benjen comes to the rescue with his ball of fire or whatever you want to call that and absolutely kicks ass but does give up his life (second life? Possibly just captured or killed and reanimated by the NK…. Also, it is not known if that can happen since he was brought back already by the former three eyed raven with help from the children of the forest…we’ll have to find out) for Jon by making a breach in the Wight army and giving him his horse to ride back to the wall


.... the survivors make it back to eastwatch and Dany is traumatized and heartbroken for the loss of her child (Viserion) as any mother would but the mission must continue but Friki does mention that Dany is desolated (besides feeling lost and alone idk what else it could mean in Spanish) Jon arrives at Eastwatch (yes doc brought his DeLorean and got him to eastwatch) badly wounded and is loaded onto a ship heading towards kings landing along with Dany and others…. The hound is entrusted with taking the Wight to the dragon pits… (Friki doesn’t not mention who made it out and who died but in this scene
we see two burning bodies to the right (possibly?) which we know Jon and co. were burning those who fell so that they wouldn’t be reanimated by the NK so it is possible 2 or more companions did die, these two bodies in the back ground could easily just be burning wights since Dany’s dragons did torch a bunch of them but hey there’s some food for thought) In the ship Friki says that Jon is messed up tired and wounded when Dany goes to check up on him Jon sees how hurt she is, so Jon tries to console her which is when Dany tells him “he was like a son to me, it’s like they have taken my son from me” and then she gives one of her famous speeches that goes something like “I promise I will defeat the Night King etc.) Friki goes on to say that Jon sees that she wants to now fully fight the NK and he says if she does indeed join him in fighting the great other he would bend the knee… Jon tells calls Dany “Dany” (no one has called her this since her brother back in season one) which takes her back a little and says “no one has called me that since my brother” to which he responds “what would you like me to call you? ‘your grace, my queen?’ to which Dany says she didn’t mean like that it’s just been a while since some had called her that and it was very personal (not sure why this is important but I assume it’s to show they are getting closer?) then Jon goes on to say that he would bend the knee if he could but makes a notion that he literally cant bend it since he’s so physically fucked up (he doesn’t bend the knee literally but does say the words that he is willing to… so does it count?) this takes Dany by surprise and shocks her which she says “you would bend the knee? What about those who follow you?” Friki doesn’t say what Jon replies to this or what else happens in the boat. The scene does cut to north of the wall where The Night King orders Viserion to be pulled up from the lake… the Wights pretty much fish him out of the lake with GIANT chains and pull him out, he is definitely dead but then he opens his eyes as blue as the NK’s… he is brought back to life and that’s how things end in this episode beyond the wall.

In Winterfell where we left the stark sisters in a bit of an argument. Arya brings the letter she found in LF’s room and confronts Sansa with the letter she signed and asks her wtf it is about. Sansa says something about she had to do it to survive (this looks like the only direct interaction between the two for this episode) later LF keeps trying to get in between Jon and Sansa by telling her that Jon has left them that he doesn’t care about the north so on and so forth to which Sansa gets tired of his shit and tells him that Jon is king and that he should pretty much stop trying to get in her head (fookin finally) there isn’t much left in Winterfell only that Sansa tells Brienne that she needs to go to the dragon pit to represent her since she’s the lady of Winterfell (Friki says that they receive a raven from kings landing to join a meeting requested by Jon and Dany.) Brienne at first doesn’t want to go since she swore and oath to protect her and that she shouldn’t leave her side but when she finds out Jamie will be there she agrees to go. She believes she will be safe, she truly believes Jamie to be an honorable man. Friki also tells us how Sansa wonders what Arya has been doing the whole time she’s been gone, since all Arya has done since she arrived is question her… so she does some sneaking around of her own and possibly finds all the faces Arya owns and poisons (the ones she might have used to kill the Freys) and he also says how Arya truly wants to know what Sansa truly thinks about Cersei and Jon and whether she wants the north for herself.

Another scene that takes place sometime in the show is in Dragonstone (before Dany receives a plead of help from Jon via Gendry) Dany is seen being nervous for Jon and Jorah but mostly Jon. Tyrion then witnesses how much Dany starts to care about Jon and is uninterested in anything but news of Jon, which is when the raven arrives from the north asking for help to which she goes just to help Jon (and Jorah too) which Tyrion chases her telling her she can’t because if she does and then dies everything that they have been trying to accomplish will be for nothing, but Dany is a fookin dragon and jumps on Drogon and leaves with the other 2 following her . (this all happens as events in the north happen)

This is episode 6…. Could be one of the best in the shows history.

Again, Friki wanted to tell the events of the north as one instead of jumping in and out since it’s so much. The episode is a long one so much does happen and yes time machines do exist (they must at this point)

Thank You for your kind (and not so kind) words…I am new to the freefolk and absolutely love it.


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